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  • Latest Version: v5.5.2
  • Latest update: 27-12-21
  • Download File: setup.exe (34.3MB)
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Between Specifications

  • App Type: SocialNetworkingApplication
  • Developer: VCNC Corp
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 512MB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 200MB or more
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Between Introduction

Between is a messenger app that allows people who have authenticated each other to chat or exchange images. Because of these characteristics, it is a messenger app mainly used by couples. You can exchange image files and video files between couples, or share calendars with anniversaries saved.

Between: Main Features

Between PC
  • Between allows two people who have been authenticated to send and receive messages in their own space.
  • You can have a more enjoyable conversation by using emoticons and gifs that are only provided by Between.
  • Even if you change your smartphone, images and videos sent and received by Between are maintained.
  • By providing a shared calendar function, you can check each other without forgetting anniversaries.
  • You can import conversations exchanged in other messengers and use them as it is in Between.

Between: How to use

You can see how to use the couple messenger app Between by referring to the video above. If you have any more detailed usage instructions or have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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