• Latest Version: v5.84.9143
  • Latest update: 08-09-21
  • Download File: ccsetup584.exe (34.7MB)

CCleaner Full Specifications

  • App Type: UtilitiesApplication
  • Developer: piriform
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android
  • Language: English, Spanish, French
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 512 MB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 2GB or more
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CCleaner is a utility software that you can use to effectively manage applications installed on your PC and organize incorrect Windows registrys. Delete unnecessary temporary files to obtain RAM memory by securing the free storage space of the PC and exiting the execution of unnecessary programs, and to improve the boot speed.

CCleaner : Main Features

CCleaner - Increased boot rate of PC_01

Increased boot rate of PC

When you start your computer, unnecessary programs can automatically deactivate the program that starts in the background to effectively increase your PC boot speed.

CCleaner - Driver Automatic Update (New)_02

Driver Automatic Update (New!!!)

It maintains the driver’s driver’s driver with the software’s bugs and conflicts and the hardware mounted hardware.

CCleaner - Check the status of my PC_03

Check the status of my PC

CCleaner is easy to use and cleans up the PC as a whole and seek recommendations and updates. The user can quickly check the status of the PC and update it safely to maintain the PC.

CCleaner - Fast and easy and effective PC optimization_04

Fast and easy and effective PC optimization

CCleaner is a program that has been developed to help you clean your PC easily. Beginners can easily clean and optimize computers with one click. It also provides advanced features that allow you to more systematically manage your PC.

CCleaner - Frequent errors and collision reduction_05

Frequent errors and collision reduction

If you use a PC for a long time and install multiple programs, the Windows registry becomes complicated with an error and can cause conflicts. CCleaner summarizes these Windows registry to reduce errors that occur on PCs.

CCleaner - Privacy and secure browsing_06

Privacy and secure browsing

When you navigate the Internet with an Internet web browser, you can delete a cookie or search record that remains on your computer, so you can protect your personal information more powerful and safely and browse.

CCleaenr : Update release

v5.84.9143Fixed bugs that caused excessive load on the infrastructure.
v5.84.9126– The PC information section now detects Windows 11 correctly.
– This new revert flow helps you understand where driver compatibility improvement is most needed.
– It’s easier to know which driver to turn back when an update causes problems.
– Smart Clean no longer prompts you to clean up if you close a particular browser through an automated process.
v5.83.9050– New support for Windows 10 capture and sketch temporary files
– Microsoft OneDrive Log Cleanup Improvements
– Fix a bug that doesn’t display the driver category correctly.
– Fixed the bug where the program was interrupted when searching for the driver to update.
v5.82.8950– New PRO feature: Driver updater!
The new Driver Updator saves you time and stress to find more drivers than built-in solutions, and provides safe and reliable drivers. Improve media performance, reduce conflicts and bugs, and enjoy a better PC experience today!

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