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  • Latest Version: v1.0.9003
  • Latest update: 14-06-22
  • Download File: DiscordSetup.exe (79.1MB)
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Discord Specifications

  • App Type: SocialNetworkingApplication
  • Developer: Discord Inc.
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 2 GB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 100MB or more
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Discord Introduction

Discord is VoIP application software with over 25 million users. It was developed for the communication of gamers in the early days, but now it is widely used for community channels, video calls, and video conferences. In addition, it is expanding its scope to streaming and remote control through screen sharing.

Discord : Main Features

Supports all devices such as Windows PC, Mac and iPhone

Discord can be used on all devices and platforms, including iPhone, Android and PC operating systems Windows and Mac OS. Access Discord anytime, anywhere with your Discord account or email.

Supports all devices such as Windows PC, Mac and iPhone
Build a personal discord server

Build a personal discord server

Servers in Discord are community-only or private spaces for friends. You can configure a community server where you can share opinions on a variety of topics, or you can build a server for gameplay.

Video call and video conference function support

Discord is no longer a chat messenger for games. You can enjoy video calls with friends in Discord, easily conduct video conferencing with employees and customers, and even share the screen of your PC for Internet streaming broadcasts.

Video call and video conference function support
Server member rights management

Server member rights management

You can add administrators by changing the privileges of members participating in the Discord server or create groups within the server.

Discord: How to download and install

This is a video on how to download and install the Discord app installation file. You can access the Discord web app and use it directly from your web browser without downloading and installing the app, but the response speed is slow and connection delays may occur. If you want the Discord web app version, please access it through the link below.

✅ Discord Web

Discord : How To Add a Bot to Discord Server

This video introduces how to add bots with various functions in Discord and how to make them useful. Not only can you add bots created by users in Discord to your server, you can also develop your own bots. If you have any questions about Discord Bot, please leave a comment.


Here’s a video on how to create a server in Discord. In order to communicate with your friends in Discord, you need to build a server. Build your own server, invite friends and enjoy chat and voice chat.

Discord : How to Change Background / Theme Using

On Discord PC, you can download and apply themes. You can also modify the theme that has already been created to your own style. Refer to the video above and apply a unique Discord theme.

Discord: FAQ

  • How can I make my server in Discord?

    1. Connect to Discord and click the [+] button on the left sidebar.
    2. Click the [Create Server] button.
    3. Enter an appropriate name for the server.
    4. Select the location of the server. (The location selected here can also be changed in the server’s settings.)
    5. Select the server icon and click the [Create] button.

    If you are having difficulty creating a Discord server, please refer to the video through the link below.

    ✅ How to create a server in Discord

  • How can I invite Music bots to Discord server?

    1. Connect to Discord.
    2. Access the Discord Bot page through the link below.
    3. Check the desired bot among various song bots and click the [Add to Server] button.

    For more details, please check the video at the link below.

    ✅ How to add bots to Discord servers
    ✅ Discord song bot list

  • Can I change the theme of Discord?

    You can change the theme or use the created theme by installing a plug-in in Discord for your PC.
    Please refer to the page below to change the Discord theme.

    ✅ How to change Discord theme

If you have any difficulties with how to download and install the Discord app or how to use it, please leave a comment.

1 thought on “Discord”

  1. It’s honestly great, you can join and create servers freely, and it isn’t too hard to learn the ropes of bots and special messaging (like italics or bold text). It’s easy to make friends, and it’s just as easy to block creeps. It doesn’t glitch out very much at all, and I really haven’t had any problems. I don’t even have nitro (basically discords premium), and it barely affects anything. Overall a great app.

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