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  • Latest Version: Season 1
  • Latest update: 22-05-22
  • Download File: Fall Guys Game App from Epicgames (2.5GB)
4.2/5 (5 Reviews)

Fall Guys Specifications

  • App Type: GameApplication
  • Developer: MEDIATONIC
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Language: English, Spanish, French
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 8GB RAM
  • Storage Requirements: 2GB or more free space
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Fall Guys Introduction

Fall Guys is a free cross platform, a large multiplayer, and a party royal game, and competing in the round, which is filled with an obstacle course of ridiculous confusion that gets worse until only one lucky winner of you and fellow participants. !

Fall Guys, now everyone plays for free.

Starting June 21st, we’re welcoming more players to the Blunderdome than ever to compete for the title – we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure everyone can enjoy the same great Fall Guys experience, no matter where you are Play.

Fall Guys - Cross Play

Fall Guys – Cross Play

Whether you’re playing on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Epic Games Store, or a combination of all of the above, you can play Fall Guys for free – with cross-platform play, cross-platform party, and full use of your Epic Games – supported accounts.

How to download Fall Guys for free

Fall Guys - Free Download From Epic Games Store

New players can no longer download Fall Guys on Steam – if you’re new to Fall Guys and want to play on PC, you can visit the Epic Games Store™ and download the launcher there. No matter where you play Fall Guys (including Steam), you can launch cross-platform and stumble to victory.


Starting with the newly improved Spectacular Season 1, the Season Pass is an enhanced version of our free progression path, purchasable through our new in-game currency, Show-Bucks. Season Passes give you access to new outfits and other unlockable items. Remember – all Legacy Pack recipients get their first Season Pass for free!


The Season Pass will have 100 levels to unlock at launch, plus, if you fill your current Season Pass, you can unlock the next Season Pass! For those who didn’t get the Season Pass, there will still be a free upgrade path available to everyone, and all players will be credited from previous releases.

Fall Guys - Pre Register

Fall Guys | Pre-register for exclusive rewards

If you want, we will catch it. Go to the pre -registration page right now, check for more information about all the free service to be released, and enjoy various benefits. How many people are unlocked depends on how many people register, so tell all your friends and help you unlock new nameplates, bonus praise, burger patterns, muscleman emoticons, and melon head costumes!


  • How to unlock Pre-Registration Rewards?

    If you’ve pre-registered, you’ll be registered to receive one of the unlocked bonus milestones. As each milestone is reached, everyone who pre-registers will receive unlocked milestone rewards. Get your friends to pre-register and we can reach milestones together! Milestone rewards are as follows:

  • How long do I need to pre-register?

    The pre-registration campaign runs from 16 May 2022 17:00 UTC to 20 June 2022 23:59 UTC.

  • When will I receive the pre-registration rewards?

    Unlocked rewards will be distributed to all pre-registered players based on pre-registration milestones reached by June 27, 2022 at 23:59 UTC.

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