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  • Latest Version: v2.3.69.5333
  • Latest update: 28-12-21
  • Download File: NEW_GOMPLAYERSETUP.EXE (26.2MB)
3.7/5 (33 Reviews)

Gom Player Specifications

  • App Type: MultimediaApplication
  • Developer: GOM & Company
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 2GB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 200MB or more
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Gom Player Download For Android
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Gom Player Introduction

Gom Player is the most commonly used video player with Pot Player, KM Player, VLC Media Player. Movie provides almost all codecs for playback, and you can use more video playback capabilities using GOM Player Plus.

Why you have to use GOM Player

GOM Player_Screenshot (3)
  • Gom Player supports almost all video formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, and MOV.
  • You can install almost all the codecs you need for video playback when installing the germination.
  • You can download the subtitles you need to play video through ‘the subtitle data room’ immediately.
  • 360 degree VR video support for playback function.
  • You can freely use the ads that pop up when using ‘GOM Player Plus’, and the video screen capture, subtitle sink adjustment, and seamless UHD 4K video playback functions are free.

GOM Player – How to download and install in Windows 10

For those who feel difficult for downloading and installing the ‘Gom Player’, please refer to the above videos to download and install the ‘Gom Player’ installation files. I will answer it soon if you have a comment.

GOM Player : FAQ

  • Where can I download the subtitles when playing video with Gom Player?
    Gom Player - Subtitle Data Room

    Suitable subtitles when playing videos in Gom Player can be downloaded from the ‘Gom Player Subtitle Data Room’. From the page below, search for the title of the movie and download the correct subtitle file.

    ✅ Gom Player – Subtitle Data Room

  • I would like to remove ads exposed to the ‘GOM Player’.

    To remove ads exposed to ‘Gom player’, you must purchase a ‘Gom Player Plus license’.
    ‘Gom Player Plus’ provides more features than your existing ‘Gom Player’.
    Movie Recording Program ‘Gom Cam’ and video editing program ‘Gom Mix’ can be purchased together when purchasing.
    For more information on Gomplayer Plus licenses, please check through the page below.

    ✅ GomPlayer Plus License

  • Can I use GOM Player on Mac?

    GOM Player supports all operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iPhone (iOS). Download GomPlayer for the OS version appropriate for your device from the link below.

    🔽 GOMPlayer for Mac: Download

Please leave a comment on the ‘Gom Player’ for downloading and installation methods or errors that occur during use. Let’s share comments to solve the problem.

6 thoughts on “Gom Player”

  1. Easily the best player on the market. VLC is ok, but Gom has a better interface. I cant stream Drive videos, but I suspect this is a google problem as I can download file and play it inside GOM and the other clouds works. I wish google would at least require a password request, this is a security lo…

  2. Very Good application for video player and take shot while play video. i use it my smartphone and higher version use for win 10 in my laptop. very good application /software. thanks gom player team.

  3. Carlos G Candia

    Great app, I use this app in my phone also my laptop as the first choice player, easy to use, simple, and highly recommended to install this app, thank to GOM Developer.

  4. I for one think this is pretty awesome. I love how it’s so easy to put any show/movie I want on my iPhone/iPad without having to convert the file.

  5. monster from Oregon

    Now 80 % Some options to 100%
    Need some options.. hevc x265 not work .. 2160 not work ? Gesture Dublin tap by one finger to pause/play .. download subtitles..and more setting

  6. 곰플레이어 다운로드 시 윈도우 10에서 재생할 수 있는 동영상 및 자막에 대한 코덱도 함께 설치되는건가요?

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