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  • Latest Version: v7.6.461
  • Latest update: 01-01-22
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Goolgle Classroom Specifications

  • App Type: EducationalApplication
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 512MB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 100MB or more
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Goolgle Classroom Introduction

Google Classroom is an education-related service that can be used by individuals, schools, and non-profit organizations for free. Using Google Classroom, teachers and students can communicate and easily share educational materials. Google Classroom provides services as a smartphone app, PC software, and web extension.

Google Classroom : Main Features

Google Classroom : Main Features
  • Announcements and discussion for class: You can use Google Classroom to enhance communication between teachers and students by sharing announcements and assignments to students, sharing materials for classes, and posting or answering questions.
  • Easy online class participation: Teachers can manually add students to a class and invite them to a class, or they can share an join code with a class they’ve created so they can join the class.
  • Systematic data management: You can check all assigned assignments on the Assignments page and systematically manage all class materials such as photos, videos, and documents shared for class with Google Drive.
  • Privacy and data security: Google Classroom and related software are all ad-free, so you can focus more on your education. We also do not use data obtained from students and teachers for advertising purposes.
  • powerful extension tools: You can create documents directly with Google Docs, or conduct online video classes with Google Meet.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Google Classroom supports all devices, such as PC web, web browser extensions, apps for tablets, and apps for smartphones, so you can easily access it anytime, anywhere.

How to Download Google Classroom on PC

Those who do not know how to download and install Google Classroom to a Windows PC such as a computer or laptop can refer to the video above and install Google Classroom directly.

How To Join A Class On Google Classroom

By referring to the video above, you can see how to join a class using the class code in Google Classroom. If you have any questions about creating a class code or joining a class, please leave a comment below.

Google Classroom : FAQ

  • Can I use Google Classroom without installing it in my web browser?

    You can join Google Classroom classes through Google Classroom web without installing it on your internet browser. Google Classroom Web may show an unstable connection to the Internet condition. You can access it through the link below.

    ✅ Google Classroom Web

  • How can I join a Google Classroom class created by a teacher?

    The teacher who created the class can manually add students and invite them to the class, or they can share their unique join code with the class to join the class.

    Please check the link below for more details.

    ✅ How to join a Google Classroom class

1 thought on “Google Classroom”

  1. Very good! I use it all the time!
    The title alone will tell you what I’m going to say, but I’ll tell you anyway!

    I am a student. Comment on your daily homework or ask for help with your homework! This app is especially helpful for us during this time. With the coronavirus going on, keeping your kids at school with their classmates and teachers is a very difficult choice! I love this app so much! As I said before, it’s pretty easy to turn in your homework. Just hit the submit button and your homework will be automatically submitted! Then your teacher can grade you. Your teacher can even post things to study for a quiz or even take a quiz! Since this is getting longer, there is one more thing. You can share what you want to share by copying and pasting it into comments or announcements. What I’m really trying to say is that this year – 2021 and last year – 2020 – which were sometimes slow but sometimes perfect and also terrible years – was perfect. Anyway, thanks!

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