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  • Latest Version: v2021
  • Latest update: 27-12-21
  • Download File: Google Meet App (186.8 MB)
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Google Meet Specifications

  • App Type: SocialNetworkingApplication
  • Developer: Google Inc.
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish, etc.
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 2GB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 500MB or more
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Google Meet Introduction

Google Meet is a new version of Google’s Hangouts Meet. Google Meet is a free tool for conducting video conferencing and online classes. It supports PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone, so you can participate in video conferences and online classes anytime, anywhere

Google Meet : Main Features

01_Google Meet that anyone can use for free

Free Video Conferencing Software

Google Meet is free video conferencing software that anyone can use. Conveniently conduct video conferencing and online classes with Google Meet.

Clear voice and clear picture quality

With the AI function, Google Meet can make calls with clear voice even in noisy environments, and you can make high-definition video calls anywhere by adjusting the network speed.

02_Google Meat provides clear picture quality and voice


Supports PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Google Meet supports all devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Regardless of the device used, businesses, schools, organizations, etc. can stream in real time for up to 100,000 viewers.

A secure video conferencing program

In Google Meet, video conferencing is encrypted and transmitted to the other party, which is strong in protecting user information and privacy. In the future, we will continue to update our security technology to provide stronger security features.

04_The safest Google meat for security

How to Download Google Meet (Install Google Meet in PC)

Please refer to the video above to learn how to open a video conference or online class with Google Meet on your PC or laptop, and invite participants by meeting code.

Google Meet : FAQ

  • How to use Google Meet PC without installation?

    Google Meet provides services as extensions and Google Meet web that are installed and used in a web browser.
    You can use Google Meet Web, which can be used without installation through the link below.

    ✅ Google Meet Web

    After accessing the Google Meet web, click the [Start Meeting] button in the upper right corner or click the [Join Meeting] button to enter the video conference.

  • Can I record video conferences and online classes held in Google Meet?

    You must use ‘Google Workspace’ to record video conferences and online classes.
    For more information about Google Meet screen recording, please refer to the page below.

    ✅ Record a video conference in Google Meet

  • How can I change the background in Google Meet?

    1. Go to Google Meet and select Next Meeting.
    2. Click the Change Background icon in the lower right corner of the My Face view.

If you have more questions about how to install and use Google Meet, please leave a question in the comments.

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