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  • Latest Version: v11.0.0.9
  • Latest update: 08-10-21
  • Download File: EIE11_EN-GB_MCM_WIN7.EXE (31.3MB)
3.4/5 (1270 Reviews)

Internet Explorer 11 Specifications

  • App Type: BrowserApplication
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Language: English
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 1GB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 100MB or more
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Internet Explorer 11 Introduction

Internet Explorer 11 is the old browser of Microsoft Edge. Still, some sites are optimized for Internet Explorer 11, so it’s a web browser that many people reinstall. Microsoft has discontinued support, but you can download and install Internet Explorer 11 through this page.

Internet Explorer 11: How to reinstall and update

  1. Internet Explorer for all programs, including programs.
  2. You can open the Run box by pressing the Windows logo key+R.
  3. Then type etcpl.cpl and choose OK.
  4. The [Internet Options] dialog box appears.
  5. Select the Advanced tab.
  6. In Settings Reset Internet Explorer, select Reset. Then choose Reset again.
  7. Select Search* Personalized ActiveX to remove data from history, search providers, accelerators, home pages, tracking protection and filtering. Reset Internet Explorer When setup is complete, select Settings** Close Internet Explorer Reset.
  8. Restart Internet Explorer.

If the above method is too complicated, you can reinstall Internet Explorer 11 by downloading the installation file from the page below.

✅ Download the Internet Explorer 11 installation file

If you have any questions about errors that occur when reinstalling and running Internet Explorer 11 through the comments, we will respond as soon as possible.

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