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  • Latest Version: v1.2.62.90
  • Latest update: 12-10-21
  • Download File: unicorn-https-setup.exe (2.9MB)
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Unicorn HTTPS Specifications

  • App Type: SecurityApplication
  • Developer: Themelsle
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 6
  • Memory Requirements: 256MB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 100MB or more
Unicorn HTTPS Download For Windows
Unicorn HTTPS Download For Android
Unicorn HTTPS Download For Mac OS
Unicorn HTTPS Download For iPhone iOS

Unicorn HTTPS Introduction

Unicorn HTTPS is a software that helps you bypass blocked HTTPS that cannot be accessed. Protects personal information that may be exposed when bypassing, and blocks advertisements that may be exposed by tracking and collecting personal information. It is faster and uses less resources compared to other VPN applications.

Why you have to use Unicorn Https

Why you have to use Unicorn Https
  • It helps you access unreachable sites by bypassing blocked HTTPS.
  • Because it runs with one click without installing or setting a separate VPN and bypass program, anyone can use it easily.
  • It supports not only PCs such as Windows and Mac OS, but also mobile operating systems such as Android, iPhone and iOS.
  • Prevent HTTPS SNI field lookups.
  • Supports CloudFlare, Google, and custom DNS.
  • You can surf the Internet without slowing down CPU, RAM memory or web loading speed.

For more details on how to use Unicorn HTTPS or any errors that occur during use, please share the details in the comments below.

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