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  • Latest Version: v2.2144.11
  • Latest update: 28-12-21
  • Download File: WhatsAppSetup.exe (129MB)
4/5 (5 Reviews)

WhatsApp PC Specifications

  • App Type: CommunicationApplication
  • Developer: WhatsApp LLC.
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 512MB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 150MB or more
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WhatsApp PC Introduction

WhatsApp is a free instant messenger using the internet. You can use services such as free text messages, voice calls, and video calls. It supports not only Android smartphones and iPhones, but also desktop PC versions such as Windows and Mac. Download the PC version of WhatsApp from this page and connect with your friends on your PC.

WhatsApp PC : Main Features

WhatsApp PC

WhatsApp for web and PC

You can sync your Android smartphone, iPhone as well as your WhatsApp account with your computer to keep all your conversations on your PC. Try WhatsApp Web without the need to download or install the WhatsApp Desktop App.

Strong security with end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp Desktop App synchronizes with PC using WhatsApp installed on mobile and QR code. In addition, all conversations are encrypted end-to-end, so messages and calls can only be viewed by you and your contacts. Try instant messenger with very strong security features.

Strong security with end-to-end encryption
Video calls and video conferencing

Video calls and video conferencing

You can conduct audio calls, video calls and video conferences on WhatsApp for PC. Connect your mobile contacts to your WhatsApp PC to make video calls to family and friends.

Easy document sharing

Using the WhatsApp Desktop App, you can quickly share a variety of documents, images, videos, audio files, etc., such as PDF file documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slideshows, Photoshop files, image files, etc., whether you are working on your PC.

Easy document sharing

WhatsApp PC : How to download and use

You can download WhatsApp for desktop by referring to the video above, sync with your mobile WhatsApp account to chat with your WhatsApp friends or enjoy video calls on your PC.

If you have any questions about downloading and installing WhatsApp on your PC, or for more detailed instructions, please leave a question in the comments. We will try to help you find a solution after checking your question.

20 thoughts on “WhatsApp PC”

  1. Sukhprit Parmar

    A very easy to use app with both secure audio and video call capabilities. Along with text messaging. And multi party conference capabilities. And all are encrypted for extra security. Nice features in today’s society!

  2. It’s the best app!
    Not enough text space to record everything in this app, not enough time to log everything!!

    I wish I could have everyone in my contacts use it. At my company, we recorded all our conversations, which was great for our business unit. Also, you can see when that person has read the message. Being able to back up conversations to the cloud was also useful. One of the things that impressed the developers of this app the most is that they constantly update the app with new features. As I said, there are a few things I can keep writing about how much I love this app. This app is one of the best apps on my phone and I highly criticize the app reviews.

  3. It’s the best app. However…
    I use it 24×7 24/7. It’s amazing, and it works pretty well. There is only one request so please allow me to disable camera sound in settings. Just like you can disable the sound when you take a picture in an app like Snapchat. The only way to get rid of the noise the camera makes is to turn off the bell. Because I use the camera a lot, the sound is annoying, so I have no choice but to turn off the bell. The problem is that it has already happened to me that I forgot to turn the phone back on and missed or lost a few important calls when making calls.

    Doing so could save lives. I don’t think it’s complicated. It’s a pretty simple request. Other than that, it’s a good app.

  4. Notification preview update.
    Hi, I’ve been using WhatsApp for years and it’s a good thing as we all know, but today I don’t like the way message notifications appear since I turned off ‘Show Preview’. Usually I don’t know what sent it and it shows the name of the contact who sent the message, but I have an issue with the current notification only showing ‘message’ and not knowing who sent the message, and of course I turned the preview off in the settings, so the message I don’t even know what’s on it, but I really don’t like it. What’s going on, if it’s an update, I really hope WhatsApp can make it like it used to be. Thank you. I would be very grateful if anything is done

  5. really good!!!!
    I really like WhatsApp. I’ve been using it for a little over two years, but I’ve known it for a little longer than that. I first started using it when my brother and I were traveling out of town, and we wanted to be in daily contact with our family back home to let them know if we were okay. I fell in love right away. I love the fact that you can send texts, calls and photos for free no matter where you are in the world. One of the things I like the most is that you can send a lot of photos at once, but there are limits to regular texting. I will definitely be using WhatsApp for a long time 😊

  6. WhatsApp you need to fix your security ive been getting hacked non stop. I have done everything to better secure myself from double security to making it private to everything I have been even watching videos to see how to better protect myself but some how they hack back in and kick me out of my own account they have been harassing me and pretending to be me they have been using my number to chat with their other criminal friends about hacking I do not want my number associated with crime I don’t want them to pretend to be me when talking to my contacts they have been spying on me through my phone reading my text is an invasion of privacy they even pretend to be you sending me WhatsApp verification codes when I never asked for them this needs to stop you need to better your security. Ive also sent emails to you and all I get is an automated email respond that doesn’t even help me at all on what to do this is crazy. They started to call me now to steal my personal information and leave voicemails to see if I fall for their tricks. Please make it stop this is getting annoying and is very inconvenient for me to have to reset this and my password every single day.

  7. Still not syncing contacts since iOS update months ago
    When IOS updated several months ago, one of the features that was affected on WhatsApp was the option to sync contacts. I called Apple then and they informed me that each app provider must update their security profiles to be compatible with the new IOS. There have been 2 updates of IOS since then and still, WhatsApp hasn’t got with the program.

    Utility of WhatsApp has gone down as I have to research each contact to try to even place a call to them. Numbers that are in my phone book don’t register so it’s difficult to know which contact is which without that extra step in research. Furthermore, I can’t save new numbers directly from WhatsApp to my phone. This is quite frustrating. I have never left a review on this app before and decided that 5-6 months of this is enough. Can you please update your app to resolve this issue with iPhone!

  8. Too easy to call people by accident
    The app is really great and connects me with my contacts all over the world. It makes it easy to stay in touch. You can text and even call for free. Doesn’t get any better than that!

    The only thing I would change is how easy it is to call people by accident. It happens all the time. I wish they would hide that button behind the profile page. This is mostly a texting app, do we really need that button on the first page?Even on an iPhone you have to first click the i button from the message page to call someone. It’s smart.

    Another issue is that the app distorts the quality of pics and videos after they are sent. I often receive videos with delayed sound and fuzzy images. I have to ask my contacts to send me those through other apps so I can actually get the proper sound.

    Please fix and it will be the most perfect app!

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